6m x 4m (black marley floor)


Mixer: Yamaha M2000 32/8 and Midas M32

Effect: Yamaha SPX1000 x 2

CD, DVD, Multimedia player

DJ set

Mics: Shure SM58, Beta 58, AKG

2x 3 KW


Stage Monitors:

4 x HK Audio (600W)


DDRUM maple drumkit

Hardware: 2 boom stands, 1 hi-hat stand, 1 snaredrum stand, 1 single bassdrum pedal

Roland Cube 60 guitar amp

Dimavery BA100 bass amp

Lights & Projection:

LED RGB DMX (Par 56, Par 64)

Projectors (2 x 2,2 ASL)

Presentations accessories: Laptop, DVD, presenter, camera, etc.

Dressing room:

6 square meters with restroom.

V.I.P. room:

25 square meters size

Separated entrance

Direct access to the dressing room.